Hook, Line and Sisters

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Show Synopsis

Meet the Anderson sisters, Sierra and Memry. Every summer, the girls and their parents trek to a remote location in southern Alaska to earn their entire year’s living in just 3 short months. In their own million dollar seining boat, the Anderson family competes in the high stakes, male-dominated world of commercial fishing. As two of only a handful of women working in the Alaskan waters, Sierra and Memry are used to holding their own. Where they falter is in dealing with their father, Dean. He is an extremely skilled 5th generation fisherman with a volatile temper and unpredictable behavior. Unfortunately, once on the boat, he’s not just their Dad, he’s also their Captain. And what he says, goes. With a make-or-break season on the line and tensions rising within the family, the Anderson’s sanity is at a breaking point. Can the girls make it through the summer under their father’s thumb? ...or will they decide to jump ship and leave the family business adrift?