Running Wild: With Bear Grylls

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Show Synopsis

Globally renowned adventurer and survival expert Bear Grylls takes a celebrity for a weekend of adventure in the wild. Over the course of two days, he takes the celebrity out of his or her comfort zone by confronting them with a series of physical and mental challenges as they traverse rough terrain and engage in survival practices in beautiful wild locations.

The celebrity has been asked to accompany Bear on this adventure and do as he does. Activities might include:
Helicopter travel; rappelling or long lining; climbing; abseiling or rafting; crossing treacherous terrain; hunting; trapping and foraging wild food and or animals; sourcing and filtering water; building fires and shelters.

Bear and the celebrity spend a night sleeping outdoors in rudimentary accommodation, such as a manmade shelter, cave or tent. As well as the physical and psychological demands made of the celebrity, Bear acts as their ‘host’ and questions them about their professional and personal lives over the course of the two days.

Running Wild offers the viewers a rare chance to see the celebrity at their most vulnerable, and also, hopefully, at their most confessional.