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Electus Announces Partnership With Renowned Chef Duff Goldman For Its Food-Centric YouTube™ Channel, HUNGRY, The Place To Satisfy Your Food Obsession, Set To Debut On July 2nd

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Electus Announces Partnership With Renowned Chef Duff Goldman For Its Food-Centric YouTube™ Channel, HUNGRY, The Place To Satisfy Your Food Obsession, Set To Debut On July 2nd

---Programming to Feature Celebrated Food Personalities Chris Cosentino, Alex Thomopoulos, Casserole Queens, Greenfield Brothers, Fung Brothers & Laura Vitale ---

Ben Silverman's multimedia studio Electus, an operating business of IAC (Nasdaq: IACI), today announced the initial programming and talent line-up for HUNGRY, the Company's new food-centric YouTube™ channel, as well as a strategic partnership with renowned celebrity chef and food personality Duff Goldman (Ace of Cakes, Sugar High), whereby Goldman will executive produce and star in a new series as well as serve as a talent and programming consultant for the channel. HUNGRY will launch on July 2nd on YouTube™.

"I am stoked for HUNGRY and this exciting new partnership with Electus. The future of food programming is moving online, and viewers are increasingly turning to the Internet for their entertainment and education," said Goldman. "What once may have been considered too over the top for TV is now funny, fresh programming on HUNGRY. We know the viewers are literally hungry for this kind of content and we're psyched to bring it to them!"

Conceptualized under the leadership of veteran food television executive and HUNGRY CEO Bruce Seidel, in partnership with leading entertainment and sports agency Creative Artists Agency (CAA), HUNGRY creates the perfect blend of strong characters and unique personalities with real, helpful, and highly entertaining tidbits on everything food. The participating chefs will create amazing, accessible dishes, in ways never seen before, and will explore the world of food for a new generation of passionate food fanatics.

"In the evolution of the food arena, and as original content on digital platforms continues to flourish, HUNGRY marks a new vision and attitude about all things food. Whether you love to eat, cook or drink, our dynamic original series have something for everyone," said Bruce Seidel, CEO of HUNGRY. "Our mission is to create highly entertaining shows and galvanize the niches that are driving the Internet food conversation forward via the incredible power and social influence of YouTube™."

Utilizing the reach of leading foodie site Urbanspoon, HUNGRY's high impact, buzz-worthy programming is specifically tailored to food-lovers of all kinds around the world. From intense culinary challenges and one-of-a-kind dining experiences, to hilarious food pranks and gastronomic adventures, HUNGRY aims to feed the food obsession in each of us. Additional HUNGRY programming and talent will be announced in the weeks to come. To view the Hungry Sizzle Rap by the Fung Bros., please visit:

"As evidenced by the incredible quality of talent and programming we are launching with HUNGRY, we are taking our partnership with YouTube™ very seriously with the ultimate goal of writing a whole new formula for food entertainment," said Drew Buckley, COO and Head of Digital of Electus. "In the current media landscape, audiences are constantly looking for new ways to connect more directly with their favorite personalities and we believe HUNGRY will fulfill that demand with foodies across the board."

HUNGRY's initial programming and talent lineup features top stars, trendsetters and opinion-makers in the food world, including:

• BROTHERS GREEN (Featuring the Greenfield Brothers): In the heart of hipster Brooklyn are two charming brothers who are musicians and underground caterers who face a culinary challenge in every episode.  See the brothers explore food and battle their sibling rivalry while cooking for local cult bands, foodie celebrities, and parties of all shapes and sizes, all from their loft home kitchen.  Meet their neighbors who help them cook, play music and make the videos that made them an Internet sensation. Brothers Green premieres a new episode on HUNGRY every week beginning on July 2nd.

• CASSEROLE QUEENS (Featuring Crystal Cook and Sandy Pollock): Meet the Casserole Queens, best friends whose delicious cooking goes far beyond casseroles.  Stop by their Austin kitchen for inventive comfort food, killer cocktails and good times.  There's nothing retro about these women except for their stylish vintage outfits and dishes.  Their recipes are modern classics with a twist and perfect for Sunday Suppers and easy entertaining. Casserole Queens premieres a new episode on HUNGRY every week beginning on July 2nd.

• CITYSEARCH EATS: From leading online local guide, Citysearch Eats will use the expert taste buds of on-the-ground local all-star blogger scouts to clue viewers in on the hottest spots – from local favorites and must-have dishes, to new and notable – in cities across the country.   Join the over 13.5 million unique users each month, to discover the tastiest, most delectable and scrumptious eateries American cities have to offer! Citysearch Eats premieres a new episode on HUNGRY every week beginning this summer.

• DUFF'S FOOD WORLD (Executive Produced by and featuring Duff Goldman): What does food pop culture look like through the eyes of a chef who has not only worked in some of the world's greatest kitchens, but also has the internal monologue of a Monty Python movie? Get inside the head of Duff Goldman, and explore the world of food via Duff's experiences. Duff's Food World explores everything from one-of-a-kind dishes and dining experiences like "dining in the dark" and "naked sushi in Vegas," to tasty and often hilarious "Internet and TV Food Clips of the Week," to unique food festival field trips like the notorious Spam Festival or Fungus Festival (will he bring his own?). Duff picks his favorite "Food Porn Clip of the Week," man-on-the-street food pranks and historical re-enactments of great moments in food. Duff's Food World premieres a new episode on HUNGRY every week beginning this summer.

• FUNG BROS. MESS WITH TEXAS (Featuring The Fung Brothers): The Fung Brothers are rappers, comedians, writers and food lovers, but what they are not is Texans. So join the Fung Brothers on their first ever trip to Texas to rustle up some trouble and grub, from BBQ to dude ranches and tasty eats, each adventure ends in a comic rap song to highlight their new found love of Texas! Fung Bros. Mess with Texas premieres a new episode on HUNGRY every week beginning in late July.

• NEW SERIES FEATURING CHEF ALEX THOMOPOULOS (Series title is yet-to –be-named): Gluten-free cooking doesn't mean that food should be lacking in flavor and excitement, and Alex Thomopoulos knows the rules to keeping meals fresh and fun. As a comedian turned chef, Alex shares her tips and recipes for delectable gluten-free fare and cocktails perfect for any meal - whether it's everyday eating or entertaining friends. Thomopoulos' series premieres a new episode on HUNGRY every week beginning this summer.

• NEW "PORK" SERIES FEATURING CHEF CHRIS COSENTINO (Series title is yet-to-be-named): Almost every culture in the world has a fascination with all things PORK!  Pork belly, ham, loins, ribs and more – most find pork irresistible… even vegans love bacon!  Recently, scientists identified that human genetics play a role in the love of pork, which means that we can all thank our ancestors for that bacon donut craving. Chefs in all cultures celebrate the pig and its endless varieties and uses.  Chef Chris Cosentino embarks on a pork-filled adventure - from farms to kitchens.  He will discover and teach us all there is to know about the glorious pig!  Cosentino's series premieres a new episode on Hungry every week beginning this summer.

• NEW SERIES FEATURING LAURA VITALE (Series title is yet-to-be-named): YouTube sensation Laura Vitale will demonstrate how to make delicious Italian desserts without the use of electric-powered hand tools, just the way she was taught in her grandmother's kitchen in Italy. The desserts will include such recipes as Classic Italian Lemon Ice and a Velvety Smooth Italian Semifreddo. Vitale's series premieres a new episode on HUNGRY every week beginning on July 2nd.

• NEW SERIES FROM URBANSPOON (Series title is yet-to-be-named): Utilizing the over 20 million unique users of leading foodie site Urbanspoon, HUNGRY will partner with Urbanspoon to create a blogger generated series on reviews of the best and most unique eating finds across the nation.  Seeking out topics like the best burgers, crunchiest fries, tastiest street food, boozey brunches, one-of-a-kind specials, to sinful and sexy desserts.  These are the hotspots that you can't miss, when you visit a city near you, or right around the corner.

Officially launching on Monday, July 2nd, Electus will announce The Hungry Channel's full talent and programming slate in the coming weeks.  Viewers can subscribe to The Hungry Channel for trailers and show updates at: For additional information or to connect with Hungry's social media platforms, please visit: Twitter:; Facebook:; Google Plus:

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