Fashion Star

Fashion Star

Show Synopsis

NBC's reality competition series "Fashion Star" features celebrity mentors Jessica Simpson, Nicole Richie and John Varvatos, and television presenter and Glamour Magazine's fashion editor-at-large Louise Roe as host. "Fashion Star" gives 12 eager young designers the chance to win a multi-million dollar prize of launching their original collections in three of the nation's largest fashion retailers.

Each week, the contestants are given a challenge to design clothing with a certain look, feel and function. Working with their designated team, the mentors offer insight and advice to contestants as they design their creations, shop for materials and oversee the production of their garments. The culmination of their efforts comes with an exhilarating fashion show during which they display their work to the three buyers: Caprice Willard of Macy's, Terron E. Schaefer of Saks Fifth Avenue and Erika DeSalvatore of Express.

In the show's most ambitious and dramatic twist, the buyers make on-the-spot decisions to purchase and carry the designs exclusively in their stores – pledging thousands of dollars in orders and often going head-to-head to bid on an item. Those designs become available immediately after the broadcast both online and in select stores the next day. What viewers see on TV that night will be on the streets and in stores in the blink of an eye - and with just a single trip down the runway, "Fashion Star" can change the lives and fortunes of these aspiring designers forever.

Each week, one of the designers is eliminated, and in the end, the one designer who successfully combines fashion and business becomes the next "Fashion Star" and receives the prize of a lifetime - $3,000,000 in orders for capsule collections in Macy's, Saks Fifth Avenue and Express stores!

Executive produced by Elle Macpherson, Ben Silverman, Jane Lipsitz, Dan Cutforth of The Magical Elves, Rick Ringbakk of 5x5 Media, and EJ Johnston and James Deutch of EJD Productions.